• Lenovo’s Erazer X315 offers gamers on a budget a sub-$1,000 AMD-powered desktop

    Lenovo’s latest gaming rig is built for buyers on a budget. You can learn more about the Erazer X315 here.

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  • Lenovo’s Y70 Touch is a supersized version of its Y50 gaming laptop

    Lenovo’s Y70 Touch is a slim black gaming notebook with hot hardware and a huge 17-inch screen, but can it overcome the problems of its smaller predecessor, the Y50?

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  • Lenovo announces the Tab S8, the company’s first Intel Atom-powered Android tablet

    During its press conference at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Lenovo introduced the company’s first Intel Atom-powered Android tablet, the Tab S8. It will be available in September starting at $200.

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  • Satellite Maps Use Stunning Colors to Show Napa Quake’s Impact

    A European satellite mapped how the Napa quake ruptured the Earth’s surface using a technique that highlights minute surface changes in psychedelic colors.
    However, the maps, known as interferograms, will never replace fieldwork, geologists said.

  • Popular YouTube Star PewDiePie Cuts Comments

    The most-subscribed creator on YouTube, PewDiePie, shut off the comments section on his page because it is clogged with spam, making it a poor platform for audience interaction, the 24-year-old announced in a video Tuesday.
    “To me, it doesn’t mean an…

  • Odor-Eliminating Toilet Hopes for Sweet-Smelling Kickstarter Success

    Never again will you face the embarrassment of a stinky bathroom.
    Nobody likes the odorous aftermath of a trip to the bathroom, but it’s just part of being human. Inventor Adam Payz refused to settle for that. With his Fresh Air toilet seat, our hous…

  • Australian Newspaper Uses Clip Art and Comic Sans on Front Page



    SYDNEY — Something strange happened this morning

    One of Australia’s most respected newspapers did something so disgraceful, you could hear the design world loudly gasp. The Sydney Morning Herald ran the most hated font in the world on its front page, as tears rolled down the face of typographers everywhere. In a throwback to the 90s, Comic Sans was vomited across the masthead, and popped into clip-art speech bubbles — with no apology.

    In an email to Buzzfeed written entirely in Comic Sans (still not funny), Herald editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir attempted to defend the newspaper’s use of the font to express the comical aspects of an inquiry into corruption within the New South Wales government: Read more…

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  • Disney Taking ‘Frozen’ Out of Cryo for a Springtime Short Film



    Winter is coming again! No, not that winter, you Game of Thrones sickos — the Frozen gang is getting back together for an animated short that will debut next year.

    Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen Fever will feature Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, the bowling pin-shaped Olaf and — perhaps the most exciting news for parents of young children — an all-new Frozen song.

    SEE ALSO: Mother-Daughter Lip-Sync Will Rekindle Your ‘Frozen’ Heart

    Frozen directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are returning for the short, while “Let It Go” (which you may have heard by now) songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez are back to write the tune. In a nutshell, according to Disney: Read more…

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  • Apple Updates App Store Guidelines, Calls Out ‘Creepy’ Apps for Exclusion

    Apple today updated its App Store review guidelines ahead of the launch of iPhone 6 and iOS 8, adding sections for new features such as extensions, HealthKit, HomeKit and TestFlight. Additionally, Apple tweaked its introductory remark to specifically c…

  • Celebrity Photo Hackers, Sharers May Have Violated Several Laws



    The hackers who stole and posted nude celebrity pictures online — and those who shared the images — could be in trouble with the law, multiple cyber-law experts said

    Hackers with caches of nude images of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Winstead and others, began to leak the photos to the public over the past week, according to the limited available evidence. The FBI has said it is “addressing” the incident.

    The hackers and leakers have walked into something of a legal minefield, cyber law experts said.

    The most obvious crime they’ve likely committed is breaking into someone else’s iCloud account and stealing its contents, a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The legal term for that crime is “wire fraud,” and cyber law experts said it’s an all-encompassing charge that prosecutors often throw at hackers, on top of some others such as computer hacking for gain. Read more…

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  • Return of Disco: Land Rover unveils the family hauling, off-roading 2015 Discovery Sport

    Land Rover has just unveiled its latest car: the 2015 Discovery Sport. Powered by the same engine as the Evoque, the Disco Sport proves to be the brasher more versatile cousin to the tiny Range Rover.
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  • The Road to Russia: USMNT Opens 2018 World Cup Journey in Prague

    The World Cup never really ends, you know
    Brazil is in the past, but the hearts and minds of men’s soccer fans everywhere are already beginning to dream of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It’s never too early, you see, to consider the glory, possibilit…

  • China Mobile Begins Accepting Preorders for Unreleased iPhone 6 [iOS Blog]

    Chinese carrier China Mobile has begun taking preorders for the upcoming iPhone 6 ahead of the device’s official launch, reports China Daily. Available at China Mobile Beijing, the preorder campaign appears to be aimed at drumming up interest for Apple…

  • Estar: the Ultimate Android App to Master Your Battery Life

    It’s not always easy to tell which apps are affecting your battery life the most.
    A new Android app from Purdue University researchers, Estar, aims to fix this problem by identifying your most power-hungry apps, and providing more energy-efficient al…

  • Russia Versus Australia in Political Twitter Battle Over Borders and Genders



    SYDNEY — Russian and Australian officials had a Twitter battle over genders and borders on Tuesday.

    The social media prodding began after Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop made it clear that she would push ahead with a plan to exclude Russian President Vladimir Putin from the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia in November, according to The Australian.

    The official Twitter account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation first took a dig at Bishop, referring to her as “he.”

    #Lavrov: The Australian FM’s idea not to invite Russia to the G20 summit is not surprising but he should not lose sight of its principles

    — MFA Russia (@mfa_russia) September 2, 2014 Read more…

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  • Live From the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch Event



    BERLIN — It’s a big day for Samsung. The Korean manufacturer is readying to launch its much-hyped Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, along with plenty of other gadgets, on Wednesday at the IFA 2014 tech conference in Berlin. The Mashable team will be bringing you all the updates you need to know in real time.

    Samsung hopes to take on larger-sized smartphones — even the rumored (and bigger) 5.5-inch iPhone expected to launch next week — in the months leading up to the holiday shopping season.

    Samsung is holding three simultaneous events for the launch: one in New York City, another in Beijing and its main global launch in Berlin. We’ll be liveblogging the play by play of what’s unveiled on stage, with commentary from New York along the way. Read more…

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  • Hackers Using Law Enforcement Tools to Access iCloud Backups Unprotected by Two-Factor Authentication

    icloud_icon_blueEarlier today, Apple issued a press release stating that an iCloud/Find My iPhone breach had not been responsible for the leak of several private celebrity photos over the weekend, instead pointing towards a “very targeted attack on user names, passwords, and security questions” hackers used to gain access to celebrity accounts.

    The company did not divulge specific details on how hackers accessed the iCloud accounts, leading Wired writer Andy Greenberg to investigate the methods that hackers might possibly have used to acquire the stolen media.

    Greenberg visited Anon-IB, a popular anonymous image board where some of the celebrity photos first originated, and discovered that hackers openly discuss exploiting software designed for law enforcement and government officials. Called ElcomSoft Phone Password Breaker (EPPB), the software in question lets hackers enter a stolen username and password to obtain a victim’s full iPhone/iPad backup.

    “Use the script to hack her passwd…use eppb to download the backup,” wrote one anonymous user on Anon-IB explaining the process to a less-experienced hacker. “Post your wins here ;-)

    Acquiring just a user name and password allows hackers access to content on iCloud.com, but with the accompaniment of the ElcomSoft software, a complete backup can reportedly be downloaded into easy-to-access folders filled with the device’s contents.

    According to security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, who spoke to Wired, metadata from some of the leaked photos is in line with the use of the ElcomSoft software and possibly the iBrute software, which exploited a vulnerability in Find My iPhone to allow hackers unlimited attempts to guess a password. Apple has, however, patched the exploit, and has suggested iBrute was not a factor in the attacks.

    As noted by TechCrunch, using ElcomSoft’s software to download an iPhone’s backup successfully circumvents two-factor verification as the two-factor authentication system does not cover iCloud backups or Photo Stream.

    Two-factor verification can make it much more difficult for hackers to acquire a user’s login credentials in the first place, preventing many attacks, but an iCloud backup can be installed with just a user name and a password.

    The ElcomSoft software does not require any credentials to buy and while it costs $399, it is also available on bittorrent sites. The vulnerability in iCloud backups has been known for some time, with ElcomSoft’s own CEO pointing towards the lack of two-factor authentication for iCloud backups back in May of 2013.

    Apple has explored expanding two-factor authentication to some iCloud services, but an official expansion of the security feature has not yet been introduced.

  • Vibrating Smart Ring Brings Notifications Center to Your Finger

    While smartwatches and bracelets are finding a foothold in the wearable-tech space, another device is also starting to heat up: smart rings
    Following up on its sleek smart bracelet released in 2013, MOTA has unveiled a smart ring that takes up less s…

  • Shakespeare Meets Top 40 Music in ‘Pop Sonnets’

    William Shakespeare, meet 2014 pop music. That’s the premise behind music Tumblr Pop Sonnets from blogger Erik Didricksen. Didriksen channels Shakespeare’s eloquence by rewriting modern day pop music, putting an English Renaissance twist on some of y…

  • The Minimal Venetian Desktop

    The Minimal Venetian Desktop

    Reader Jody‘s desktop gets kind of messy as the workday goes on, but it’s always a clean slate at the beginning of the day. This is a view of Jody’s desktop at the top of the day—clean, open, and inspiring, but it’s hiding serious power. Here’s how it’s all set up.

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  • Hosts Sue Airbnb to Protect Their Private Info From New York Attorney General



    An anonymous group of roughly two dozen New York Airbnb hosts, who call themselves “New Yorkers Making Ends Meet in the Sharing Economy,” sued the San Francisco-based company Tuesday to prevent their private information from being released to the state’s attorney general

    The group claims the release would be a violation of their privacy, according to the lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court.

    Airbnb, an online marketplace for people to list and book unique accommodations, provided non-redacted information on 107 hosts who had listed multiple apartments on the site to the attorney general on Tuesday, a source familiar with the case told Mashable. The information included names, contact information, host and listing IDs, and rental and payment information. The company had been asked for information on approximately 130 hosts, but said it refused to provide it for those involved in the suit, pending a court decision. Read more…

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  • Fans compete to create cover art for new Arrested Development boxed set

    Twentieth Century Fox today announced it has teamed up with series creator Mitch Hurwitz to search for the best fan-made cover art for the season 4 box set. To enter the contest, fans must simply upload their original artwork to the official Tumblr pag…

  • DNA Evidence Frees 2 Men Imprisoned for 30 Years



    LUMBERTON, N.C. — A North Carolina judge overturned the convictions Tuesday of two men who have served 30 years in prison for the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl after another man’s DNA was recently discovered on evidence in the case.

    Superior Court Judge Douglass Sasser ordered the immediate release of Henry McCollum, 50, and Leon Brown, 46. The half brothers were convicted in the 1983 slaying of Sabrina Buie in Robeson County. Both are mentally disabled.

    Lawyers for the men petitioned for their release after DNA evidence from a cigarette butt recovered at the crime scene pointed to another man. That man, who lived close to the soybean field where the dead girl’s body was found, is already serving a life sentence for a similar rape and murder that happened less than a month later. Read more…

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  • The Celebrity Photo Hack Goes Far Beyond iCloud

    The cache of stolen celebrity photographs, including nudes of stars Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, may have only surfaced on Sunday, but evidence suggests the thefts are bigger than just iCloud and could go back years.
    That bolsters Apple’s claim …

  • Develop Discipline by Seeing the Good in Any Task

    Discipline is something we all wish we had a little more of. Sometimes you just have to do something you really don’t want to do, but it can be a great opportunity build discipline by finding the silver lining.Read more…